Why you need to workout in the gym instead of at home


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Marcus here from Active Monthly -  giving you the top reasons why you should head TO THE GYM… as soon as you’ve finished this article!

Working out in the gym has many benefits above and beyond your home workout.

Despite the financial difference – working out in the gym can greatly improve the quality of your exercise sessions thanks to the numerous advantages of working out with quality equipment and goal orientated, inspiring, fitness-orientated individuals.

Diverse types of workout

Gym sessions provide a wide diversity of workout. These include bodyweight to HIIT, Yoga, Cross Fit, Spin classes, Equipment workouts and many more exercise opportunities -  there is an incredible variety of options available for the avid gym goer.  

This will improve your muscular as well as cardiovascular fitness; and result in a strong functional body - fit for a multitude of purposes.


You also have access to a wide variety of equipment including:

Bench press


Pull-up bars (chin-up bars)

Power rack

Incline bench press

Cables and pulleys

Dumb bells

Bar bells

Squat station


Learning opportunities - Personal Trainer tips and advice

There are far more opportunities to work with other fitness enthusiasts, learn new techniques and trial new workout routines. You also have the chance to socialize outside of the gym and find out about new and exciting classes.

The guidance of professionally trained instructors and personal trainers – can teach you how to improve your form, capabilities and explain to you the correct nutrition to significantly improve the quality of your workouts.


How much easier is it to stay on track when you live with motivated, inspiring people?

The old saying goes – “you are the result of the 5 people you spend the most time around”.

When you hang around with athletes – you become an athlete or at least your own motivation & resolve is strengthened.

So, what if you head to the gym regularly? You are much more likely to be inspired by people similarly making progress in their workouts.

The atmosphere – puts you in the zone – around other people looking to improve their health – a place dedicated to fitness progression will eliminate distractions.

Remember this training scene from rocky. Notice how he has a lot of motivation and team-work with his buddies? That accountability is what can improve the consistency of your training.


Good luck with your training!


Now get out there and #InspireAction!