#TastetestTuesday, The Protein Ball co.

At Active Monthly our vision is to create ease and convenience around your active lifestyle, we'll like to give our take on innovative brands hitting the market and then ask you, your thoughts!
To kick off our #tastetestTuesday we'll be tasting the Protein ball Co’s fun and tasty protein balls. At first sight, the branding looks awesome, bright, cool and of course your fair share of ball puns throughout their branding! The foil packaging feels good which adds to the experience and most importantly keeps the products fresh. 

Now for our favourite bit - taste, the Protein Ball Co. offers a mixed variety of flavour, which is great, we have tried the goji berry & coconut, lemon & pistachio and coconut & macadamia these all tasted fab!

The texture is not too chewy, which is common in other protein snacks and bars, no jaw workout here! Being mostly fruit and nut based, this brings some great flavour and all in all provides a great post gym, go-to-snack. The protein source is varied throughout the range, from egg white, pea and whey protein to cater for all dietary requirements. With the perfect amount of balls per pack, they're also pretty filling!

We recommend combining with porridge and fruit for some Instagram worthy breakfast!!

Active Montly/protein ball co.

Add a protein kick to your porridge, we used the Protein Ball Co. goji & coconut protein balls and Pip & Nut almond and coconut butter with fruit!

Nutritional check - (Goji & Coconut)

Nutritional Info
Calories 166
Fat 5.3g
Carbohydrate 25.7
Of which sugars 16.2
Fibre 3.8g
Protein 6.9g
Salt 0.2g