Your ultimate guide to protein - How much protein do you need?

So, you’re here looking to stay fit and hoping to learn about protein? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here we have the core basics, the real need to know about protein.

Why do I need protein - what's so special about it?

Protein is essential to building strength & fitness in the human body as well as building muscle, effective recovery, and repair.

Everyone is different! People have different needs depending on their body weight and exercise habits – so the right amount of protein varies from person to person.

We would recommend that for fit individuals consuming at least 1.0g of protein per kg of bodyweight. For people involved in high level training it is optimal to consume 1.4-2.0g of protein per kg of bodyweight to allow for recovery from your workouts.

Protein can be sourced from both animal and plant products. Depending on your dietary preferences it is possible to intake your protein requirements through either a standard diet or plant-based vegetarian options with the correct nutrition.

The primary sources of protein and their values per 100g:

Chicken – 38g

Eggs – 14g

Fish (Cod) - 63g

Beef – 36g


Brown rice - 2.6g

Oatmeal - 2.4g

Lentils - 9g

Chickpeas – 9g

Broccoli - 2.8g

Peanut Butter - 25g

Chia seeds - 16g

How does protein work?

Protein breaks down into essential amino acids that are utilized in order for your body to function normally. This includes hormone release, creation of enzymes, growth of neurotransmitters and cell repair.

Many of these amino acids cannot be produced by the body on its own so learning about the key sources of protein can provide the nutritional education to improve your dietary choices!

Advice & Tips

Did you know that after intaking around 20g of protein your body is less able to effectively absorb it?

As a result, we would recommend scheduling your protein intake throughout the day.


It is also important to consider fibre and omega 3s when deciding your source of protein.  Therefore, a variety of plant and animal proteins is a great choice.

Don’t worry too much about overconsuming protein – it takes so much energy to digest it!

To conclude we recommend varied sources of protein in taken regularly, around 70-90g for the active guy and 55-70g for the active women.

We hope you have learnt some valuable nutrition knowledge to help your training and fitness! Stay tuned for more fitness and nutrition tips!