How Many Times Should I Exercise per Week for optimal performance?


Once, Twice, Three times...Ten times? Ok maybe not ten times - but how often is it best for us to workout...

...if we want the greatest improvement in our performance, strength and fitness ability?

Evidence has shown that the ideal number of days to be working out is 3-4 days per week.

In fact, for optimum training, it is recommended that 3 days a week should involve strength training, 2 days of Cardio and 2 days of rest. However – these rest days can involve light exercises such as walking or particularly light cardio.

But why can't I work out every day?

More than this recommended amount and as a beginner, you may well run the challenge of overtraining and not providing sufficient time for your body to properly heal.

Involving rest days in-between intense sessions will allow you the time to recover your muscles and let them grow stronger.

Remember - rest days don't mean napping all day - you should still comfortably be able to do some light cardio!

In terms of making the best of your workouts - Researchers at the University of Alabama recommend undertaking a certain exercise multiple times per week – essentially full-body workouts at the gym.

Good luck with your training schedule - let us know if you train more than 7 times a week - we'll be very impressed!